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The Blind Side - The perfect sunday afternoon movie

My dear friends, you really gotta watch The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock - this movie is fabulous and makes your tears run down your cheeks at the end. This very sunday afternoon, I came to watch The Blind Side on DVD and it really made my day. I believe there's nothing more to say than: go ahead and watch it yourself!
Enjoy your sunday evening!
xoxo, Charlotte


In love with everyday basics

Basics are THE base for an easy but fashionable outfit - and you need to have them in your closet. In the morning you sometimes do not know what to put on, even though your closet is full of clothes and accessorizes. But let me tell you this: it will become way easier to choose your outfit in the morning when you start with some basics and upgrade your outfit with one or two remarkable pieces. It is even easier than it sounds and to get you started take a look at this beautiful everyday cardigan I found on the H&M homepage for you.
So go ahead and get started - and pimp your closet with some basics to remember!
xoxo, Charlotte


The first coffee in the morning

Especially during the winter season, it is sometimes very hard to get up in the early morning. It is still dark outside, it is very often very cold outside, it may rain or snow and you will have to put on many clothes to keep yourself warm. More than anything else your only wish is to stay in bed and take another deep and cuddly sleep in your warm bed. Life is cruel in the early morning, and unfortunately you just have to get up and get going.
But help is not as far as you may think. Don't you love the first sip of coffee in the morning? The hot and well-smelling beverage just makes up for getting up in the dark and it helps you getting started a little easier. This is why you should not wait to have your first coffee of the day in your office since it takes you too long until you finally get there. No, you should really make it a ritual to have your first coffee in the morning at home. Make yourself the coffee specialty you prefer, and sometimes this is just an instant coffee mad…

Scaloppine for lunch, Yoga for dinner

What else would you need for a succesful day than some delicious food, a nice glass of wine and some good exercise before you go to bed? Exactly, you would not need anything else.
Today, I had the pleasure to have lunch with one of my very beloved friends and additionally to that, I had the pleasure of some awesomely delicious scaloppine with white-wine-sherry-sauce and fried potatoes. I believe that food is one of the very best things a human being can enjoy - and should enjoy. Good food is not only food for you but also an indulgence for your soul. And I believe that you should always pay attention to indulge your soul because if your soul is feeling happy, your whole body and your whole YOU is feeling happy.
To underline my well-being, I went to see my attractive yoga-teacher tonight. We practice, as he calls it, rock'n roll yoga, and I totally agree with him. And even though I feel like I am not gonna make it and hold certain asanas during class, I feel very happy during relax…

The joy of being with children

Some of us don't think they want to be parents. That's what I am thinking, too. I do not want to be a mother. Or should I maybe add "not yet?" Well, today I once again had the special opportunity to spend the afternoon with one of my very best friends and his adorable baby daughter. It was a time to cherish. He, like many others before him probably, told me that he never understood why parents would say "It's a lot of work to be there for your baby 24/7, but when he or she smiles at you, you forget about all your efforts because that one little smile pays off for all the work." Now, he said, he totally understands what they meant because he feels just the same way when his baby girl smiles at him. To be honest, I don't know if this is true or not, but I can imagine it could be true. For my part, being with his baby daughter totally makes me forget the world around me, and this makes me feel really good. I am thinking about what others may think way …

Sundowner and the comforting silence of the late afternoon

A lazy dazy sunday afternoon, watching some girlie movies on TV, enjoying the comforting silence of the late afternoon. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, nobody to call and nobody to meet, this time is just perfect to enjoy yourself. Why not underline the lazy dazy weekend feeling with a nice little sundowner? To me, this is the perfect way to sit back and relax and take a deep breath before the new week starts with all its demands and adventures.
Personally, I prefer a glass of Aperol Spritz with white wine, served well chilled with some lemon in a nice glass since the eye also takes part in the relaxation process. Feeling that things are all good when you sink down in the pillows of your couch, taking a sip of your sundowner and watch out the window in the evening sky let things not feel as bad as they may seem during other periodes of the day. So be sure to take your time, enjoy a moment with yourself and relax. You will need these phases to calm down during other demanding tasks the c…